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Only a handful of EU citizens take up UK tech visa

According to figures produced by Tech Nation (one of the bodies that runs the scheme) only a handful of EU citizens have taken up the Global Talent Visa since it was made available to them in January.

The visa is aimed at leaders or potential leaders in one of the following fields:

  • academia or research
  • arts and culture
  • digital technology

Media reports suggest that the number of EU citizens applying for the visa may be in single digits. 

The figures are likely to be depressed by the pandemic and the fact there is some overlap with the settlement scheme that allowed EU citizens already in the UK to apply for residency. 

However in the same period applications for the visa scheme generally shot up - Tech Nation said 35% of applications they had received since 2014 had been in the last 12 months. The scheme is proving particularly popular with applicants from India, Nigeria, Russia and the US. 

While the figures for the rest of world are encouraging, we very much hope that the UK continues to attract talent from our nearest neighbours. 

A tiny number of individuals from EU countries have applied for the visa since January