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Domestic abuse and the impact of another lockdown

Boris Johnson's broadcast announcing a national lockdown last week will have been depressing news for most. It will have placed those who are victims of domestic abuse in an extremely vulnerable position. It was, therefore, a relief to hear the Prime Minister confirm specifically during his address that people can leave their homes to escape domestic abuse. The Telegraph reported over the weekend that almost 19,000 people applied to the Family Court for protections against domestic violence between April and September 2020 - up by a quarter compared with the same period in 2019. It is vital that victims have access to the support they need at what must be an impossible time and if necessary, seek protective orders through the Family Courts to ensure their safety.

My podcast with founder and CEO of charity Surviving Economic Abuse, Dr Nicola Sharp-Jeffs, and wealth planner Lottie Leefe of the Dura Society provides some insight into economic abuse specifically and can be found here

During the PM's National Lockdown broadcast last night we were pleased to hear him mention that people can leave their homes to escape Domestic Abuse.


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