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How risky is private debt? - Rahul Thakrar comments in The Times Raconteur ‘Future of Finance’ report

In the recently released Raconteur ‘Future of Finance’ report, Corporate Partner, Rahul Thakrar comments on the fast-growing alternative asset class - private debt/credit -  that brings good returns for investors and flexibility for lenders.

In the piece titled 'How risky is private debt?', Rahul highlights that “if a borrower wanted more leverage, the route would be to find a second charge or mezzanine lender to sit behind their main funding partner.” He goes on the say that “private lenders are providing the whole loan with the greater leverage themselves. They borrow from a traditional lender and on-lend that, plus their own funds, to the borrower. The borrower then only deals with one lender.”

To read the full The Times Raconteur ‘Future of Finance’ report 2023 and the 'How Risky is Private Debt' article, please click here. 


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