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Some further progress on the Government plans to 'abolish the feudal leasehold system'

For some time I have written about pending changes for landlords and leaseholders around leasehold enfranchisement (which you can catch up on here) and this is only going to continue over the coming weeks as legislation that is set to 'abolish the feudal leasehold system' is debated.

Yesterday afternoon, the topic reared its head again in the House of Commons, where, for three hours, the House discussed the prospects of introducing a workable system to replace private leasehold flats with commonhold and enacting the Law Commission’s recommendations on enfranchisement, commonhold and the right to manage in full.

At this stage, we still have very little information as to what is planned, however, there have been further calls on the Secretary of State to make an oral statement to this House by 23 June 2023 on his plans to reform leasehold, so some form of change is certainly looking likely to be ever closer.

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