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King’s Coronation drone show: will technology redefine how we interact with our built environment?

After days of patriotic parties and parades the celebrations marking the coronation of King Charles II have come to a close. On Sunday evening, as night fell around Windsor Castle, audiences were awed by Sky Magic’s Windsor drone show, which was one of several staged across the UK that made up an event called Lighting Up the Nation. A total of 10 UK cities welcomed the celestial choreographies, including Blackpool, Sheffield, Newcastle, Edinburgh, and Cardiff. The drones formed together to create different animals and moments in nature including a Prince Charles Clematis flower, followed by a giant multi-coloured butterfly. At the end of the light sequence, "Don't forget about me" appeared written in the sky, reminding us not to forget the beauty of our home, planet Earth.

Over recent years, we have seen how drones have many functions, ranging from carrying out search operations after natural disasters to carrying out surveillance of properties, detecting water leaks and in making films and documentaries. In the coming years, they are set to revolutionise how we travel and how products reach their final destination. This, not so new, technology will redefine how we interact with our built environment and will, in time, affect all property asset classes, having an indiscriminate effect on property owners of developed and greenfield land. Read some of my thoughts on the opportunities for property owners in light of the drone revolution, in the following articles:

Colourful drone displays have taken place across the country as part of the King's Coronation concert. The drones formed together to create different animals and moments in nature, as Alexis Ffrench and Zak Abel performed a cover of Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds.


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