One of the less trumpeted announcements of September's "mini-budget" was the significant loosening of the rules relating to the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). 

While most of the mini-budget announcements have subsequently been rather ignominiously scrapped, it was confirmed today that the government is not planning to scrap the changes to SEIS.

SEIS is a relatively generous scheme designed to encourage investment in new businesses. In short, qualifying investors get various tax reliefs including income tax relief of 50% on their investment, capital gains tax exemptions on disposal and loss relief. 

The new rules will allow companies to receive up to £250,000 through the scheme, while SEIS investors will be able to invest up to £200,000 each tax year. The limit on the gross assets a company can have to benefit from the scheme is also being increased to £350,000.

My colleague Ellen Wildig has produced a helpful summary of today's other key announcements, which can be found here: Autumn Statement 2022: the headlines, Ellen Wildig ( 

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