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Capital Investment in Hospitality in a Post-Covid World

Last month I had the pleasure of partaking in the 'Herrick Does That' podcast with Herrick Feinstein LLP, a fellow TAGLaw firm based in the US.

In the episode I was welcomed by Yariv Ben-Ari, the Co-chair of Herrick’s Hospitality and Israel practices and we were joined by Jonathan Falik, Founder and CEO of JF Capital Advisors and Ram Spektor, Partner at Shibolet & Co

Together our aim was to discuss our experiences having been involved in transactions across the globe, exploring what capital investment in hospitality and leisure looks like in a post-covid world. We touch on how investors are taking advantage of market changes in cross-border investments and how M&A activity and investment behaviours have changed following the effects of the pandemic.

You can find the episode by simply searching for 'Herrick Does That' on your usual podcast steaming service or follow the links here to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Amazon Music and Castbox.

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Herrick Does That: Capital Investment in Hospitality in a Post-Covid World – An International Conversation


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