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400 Drones Lit Up the Sky Over Buckingham Palace: This is just the tip of the iceberg for drones.

After days of patriotic parties, parades and a surprise appearance from Paddington Bear, the celebrations marking the Queens 70 year reign have come to a close. On Saturday evening, as night fell around Buckingham Palace, audiences were awed by 400 illuminated drones that lit up the London skyline with a corgi, a cup of tea, the Queen’s handbag and a postage stamp bearing her profile, developed and executed by Skymagic.

We have seen how drones have many functions, ranging from carrying out search operations after natural disasters to carrying out surveillance of properties, detecting water leaks and in making films and documentaries. In the coming years, they are set to revolutionise how we travel and how products reach their final destination. This, not so new, technology will redefine how we interact with our built environment and will, in time, affect all property asset classes, having an indiscriminate effect on property owners of developed and greenfield land. Read some of my thoughts on the opportunities for property owners in light of the drone revolution, in the following articles:

A drone display in the sky forms a message of thanks to the Queen during the Platinum Party at Buckingham Palace.


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