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The return of Mayfair Art Weekend!

This weekend sees the return of Mayfair Art Weekend for 2021! Mayfair Art Weekend is the annual celebration of the world’s internationally renowned gallery district. Following great success last year, the Mayfair Sculpture Trail and the May Fair Show Reel will be returning again for this year. If you are in the area, look out for the sculpture trail or pop into a gallery to re-engage with art and culture in Mayfair. There is a full programme of family friendly events, talks and trails to follow as well as a whole range of exhibitions to visit.

Some of our highlights to look out for include:

  • The return of the Gallery HOP! on Friday evening where you can follow a geographic or curated trail, or spontaneously pop in the galleries you pass as you stroll through Mayfair.
  • The Curator’s Tour with Lizzie Glendinning, Curator and Director of Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair at the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair pop up on South Molton Street. They will showcasing their installations once again, with thanks to Grosvenor Estates. Filling three empty retail spaces along the South Molton Street. WCPF presents large-scale work by Eleanor May Watson, Tanaka Mazivanhanga and Carol Wyss.
  • The Mayfair Sculpture Trail which offers an immersive art experience where the you can explore both the temporary and permanent artworks on the streets of Mayfair. You can even download a free audio guide on Smartify with information and commentary to hear more about the sculptures as you follow the trail.

Boodle Hatfield is a founding partner of Mayfair Art Weekend and has proudly sponsored the initiative since 2014.

To find out more about the celebrations visit 

Mayfair Sculpture Trail is providing the public with access to art on the pavement


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