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The impacts & opportunities for property owners & developers, Episode One: Drone Uses

Unmanned aircraft systems, also known as drones, are set to revolutionise how we travel and how products reach their final destinations.

Ultimately, this new technology will redefine how we interact with our built environment. It will affect all property asset classes and will have an indiscriminate effect on property owners of developed and greenfield land. Property owners could capitalise on the drone revolution by installing and facilitating drone infrastructure on their land and buildings and through their airspace.

So what opportunities do drones provide for landowners?

Back in April we hosted a virtual panel discussion around the topic and a clip from our expert panel can viewed below. The panel was chaired by Construction Partner, Navpreet Atwal and Senior Associate, Sophie Henwood and featured the following experts.

In Episode One, we introduce the panel members and address some of the practical ways businesses are using drones at the moment.


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