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Sustainability remains on the agenda despite Covid challenges

In news this week, Westminster City Council have been encouraged by property leaders to adopt 'climate first planning policies that give greater weight to reducing whole life carbon, while maintaining commercial viability'. This is another recent example of the property industry's commitment to driving forward the climate agenda.

Further, the Prime Minister’s new 10 point plan for a green industrial revolution and the Chancellor’s announcements on green finance and mandatory climate risk disclosures add political commitment to the UK trajectory towards net zero.

Despite Covid-19 challenges, it is clear that sustainability remains a high priority for a large number of those in the property industry and not just in London. It is also increasingly a critical concern for funders.

Sustainability is key to our future and in the coming months and years it will play an increasingly prominent role in property transactions. The impact of Covid-19 on finances is yet to be wholly quantified but its seems that whatever happens, it wont turn the tide on the green revolution.

Westminster council urged to adopt “climate-first” planning system


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