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The times they are a-changing - Institute of Art and Law delivers first online course

We are all learning to adapt and cope with new technologies and challenges. It was great to present on issues relevant to collectors and museums with my colleague Becky Shaw. We covered the topics of insurance and bailment in the art sector respectively and delivered lectures via Zoom to Diploma students around the world. Congratulations to the Institute of Art and Law for a successful first go at presenting an online course! 

Well done to all for completing the week’s tuition – perhaps especially those who had to get up early or stay up late to be with us. Amazingly, there were few signs of fatigue (not that we detected!) and we all enjoyed lively and fascinating discussions on the wide variety of topics covered, students and tutors alike. Our grateful thanks to Becky Shaw and Fred Clark from Boodle Hatfield for their valuable contributions; it’s always so useful to hear about the issues arising for lawyers currently working in the art law field.


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