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Balancing Covid safety and loneliness

Retirees (at the age when retirement is first possible for most of us!) are the group most vulnerable to coronaviruses and are naturally concerned to stay safe.  Equally, what is staying safe worth if it results in a life less lived and loneliness?  One answer to balancing these co-imperatives is senior living developments designed specifically to protect, and create vibrant communities for, this age group in order for residents to enjoy active lives with like-minded friends confident in the knowledge that their neighbourhood is safe and health resources are close to hand to be provided to them in privacy at home should that be needed.  This article, in part referencing one such development, neatly encapsulates both the scale of the need and how this can be a very positive choice of "best" rather than, with its negative connotations, simply "last / downsizing" move on the property ladder.

As highlighted further by the Covid-19 pandemic, there has never been a more important time for the creation of specialist homes within supportive communities for the UK’s rapidly ageing population.


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